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Understanding EMV

EMV-timeline-webATMs are an important component of the move to EMV payment technology, commonly known as “chip” payment technology.

For point-of-sale (POS) devices, the impetus for conversion to chip rests primarily on two foundations: fraud control and multi-application support for value-added functions (such as loyalty programs or vouchers). For ATMs, however, always-online authorization, coupled with the use of a PIN, and the relatively higher security environment, has historically resulted in lower levels of fraud compared to POS. Further, as a financial services machine, the ATM has not been an attractive opportunity to offer extensive value-added functionality.

Both factors are beginning to change for the ATM. Magnetic stripe skimming, combined with PIN capture (via shoulder-surfing, pinhole cameras, and false fronts), has led to rapid increases in ATM fraud rates. In some markets, this rise in fraud has led to aggressive programs for chip migration for ATM transactions. Meanwhile, the migration of ATMs to “kiosks,” offering POS capability in addition to cash dispensing, has increased the potential for value-added functionality in ATMs.

Additionally, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa have published liability shift dates that impact ATM owners. A liability shift is not a mandate; ATM providers and acquirers are not being forced to migrate to EMV. However, the liability shift provides a very strong practical incentive to do so. Further, ATMs are seen as an important component of chip card management. ATMs are generally seen as a safer location to change/unlock PINs; to unblock, add, modify, and delete applications; to manage proprietary applications; and to execute lengthier and more complicated user scripts.



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