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Wireless Communication


You may not be aware, but your newer digital phone line might not be playing nice with your ATM.  Why?  Older, slower analog modems in most ATM’s aren’t compatible with newer digital line technology.  The result?  A higher than usual number of communication and connectivity errors.  This negatively effects the number of surcharge-able transactions and can significantly lower your monthly surcharge revenue.

Advanced Technology Management has two new communication solutions:

1. Wireless Modem

A wireless modem is an inexpensive way to upgrade the ATM connectivity and help eliminate costly communication errors.  The wireless coverage area is fantastic, and the modem itself is extremely reliable.  The best part?  Our wireless modem program is much cheaper than a standard phone line from Century Link! 

2. Internet data converter

If your internet router is located nearby, we can install an internet data converter and your ATM will transact over the world wide web.  Transaction times are sped up and there is no cost associated with the transaction.  Standard CAT 5 ethernet cable connects the ATM to the router and you’re off and running. 

Save money on your phone bill, transact faster, eliminate communication errors and increase your surcharge revenue all in one fell swoop.  Call us today for more information.



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