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What is ADA? The ADA is an acronym for the Americans with Disabilities Association. How does ADA affect my ATM? Please review the new requirements for your ATM below.

ADA upgrades are in short supply and most equipment is backorded for several months. Don’t hesitate to upgrade your ATM – call us today!

Basic requirements of new ADA laws:

  1. Height of function keys need to be lower than 48″*
  2. Transaction must be able to be voice-guided
  3. Braille instructions for initiating speech mode
  4. Function keys must use tactile symbols (i.e. “O”, “X”, “+”)
  5. Privacy during speech output**

*Any equipment installed prior to 2010 is “safe-harbored” (exempt) from the ADA height requirement; however, this does not exempt the ATM from other ADA requirements.

**Privacy is still a gray area; many manufacturers are compliant, some are a work-in-progress. Updates will be provided when/if it affects your ATM equipment.

WRG Genesis, Apollo (& CPU upgraded equip., i.e. Triton 9500, NCR 5301, Moneytree)

Newer model CPU’s (white/light gray color w/ backlit blue screen) fall into 2 categories:

  • Pre-2009—will need to be upgraded via installation of speech/text chip.
  • Post-2009—already compliant!

Older model CPU’s (dark gray color with green text—”veriphone-style cpu”

  • Not compliant; old CPU needs to be replaced with a newer style CPU (above).

***Please note: any ATM equipment with a WRG CPU (regardless of OEM) may be already compliant, or can be made compliant via a newer model CPU.


9600 & 9100

  • Upgradeable via PCI compliance kit.
  • 9600 models manufactured prior to 2000 may have a height issue—function keys need to be lower than 48″.


Is1000 & Is2000

  • Not compliant under requirement—will need to be replaced.

3100 & 3400

  • May have a software/hardware patch through NCR; more information TBA.

Hyosung, Hantle & Cross

Newer models (i.e. NH-1800, CE2700, 1700W)

  • Compliant!

Older models (i.e. NH-1500, Cross/Minibank 100 & 1500)

  • Upgradeable via PCI compliance kit.


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