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4 Reasons Your Event Needs an ATM

An ATM is used 300 times per month. When you’re hosting an event, whether it is a concert or a festival, your customers need access to cash when they’re looking to buy food and beverages or products. If you don’t have an ATM at your event, these five reasons will entice you to get one next time.

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Credit Card Fees

Having an ATM at your next event allows you to skip the credit card fees associated with your vendors. For example, if you have a credit card system, and they charge a small amount to the card, you may get charged with a fee from the credit card company. These high credit card processing fees cut into your sales. An ATM allows you to set the fees according to what you want to charge your guests.

It’s Handy

No matter what event you’re hosting, an ATM makes it extremely accessible for you and your guests. According to Wall Street, the ATM industry will grow tenfold in the next four years! So cash is still popular, and having an ATM handy offers much more to the consumer.

No Fuss

Having an ATM for your business or next event means no fuss for you or your vendors. The work is already done for you as your trusted team of ATM expert vendors can drop it off fully loaded and ready to go. No setting up and no time taken away from your events.

Easy Access for Guests

You want to make it as hassle-free as possible for your guests to be able to purchase your or your vendors’ products. Having an ATM on site will eliminate the hassle of your guests leaving to withdraw money from another location. They may even second-guess the purchase that they really want to buy if they have to leave your event to withdraw money! Cut out the aggravation and get an ATM for your next event.

Make the Sale

Again, your guests want the convenience of purchasing something immediately. If they can’t use their credit card, and there’s a convenient ATM located nearby, they are more likely to take more money which out increases the chances for more sales for you and your vendors. It’s the easiest way to make more money because you’re making it easier for guests who want to buy your product.

Whether you’re looking for an ATM for your business or your next big event, let the experts at advanced technical management offer you the best ATM machine. Contact us today for more information!



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